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Hailing from The Bronx, New York – HG Locks is on the rise after discovering a new passion in music. Laying down hit records and receiving positive feedback from his neighborhood; he was later inspired to venture out to the tri-state area where he then linked with Fetty Wap. Locks’ Hunned Gang crew developed a strong relationship with Fetty Wap and his 1738 Zoo Gang – the two groups worked together to build momentum along the East Coast.

Locks caught the attention of tastemakers and DJs alike with his single “Caesar” – a boom bap record about holding it down for his crew and hood. Now, Locks comes with his second offering, “Handle That” featuring artist Swave to prove that he’s just getting warmed up. Check out the full dope video above and his exclusive interview below!

Advertisement : What inspires your music?

HG Locks : “What inspires my music is the grind and me always remembering where I come from. I’ve lost many people close to me in the streets either through death or being locked up in the system. I understand the opportunity ahead and it’s never taken for granted. That’s what really fuels the engine.”

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Q : What artist would you say you look up to and why?

A : “Growing Up Juelz Santana was actually who I looked up to in the music game. Being from New York and the era I grew up in , that whole swag and aura he brought to the game from the way he dressed to the way that he swagged on the track. That’s deff what I wanted to be like. As I’ve gotten older , I deff look up to Jay-Z. I Mean how can you not , typical example of leveling up and bossing up.”

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Q : What message do you hope your fans and listeners perceive through your music?

A : “With My Music , the message I want to stress is how important perseverance is. Don’t ever let up and stay true to yourself. Also to believe in yourself @ all times and turn the doubters into believers.”

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Q : What are your goals this summer with your music?

A: “My Goals With the music this summer is to take this to another level. Life is all about elevation, I want to get into these markets where the people don’t necessarily know me and win them over with my talent and charisma. I’m always thinking how I can better myself and as I experience more dope things in life I can cooperate it with my music.”

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Q : Who would you say you aspire to work with that are upcoming or established in the industry ?

A : “I definitely aspire to work with Rick Ross, Meek Mill, and Kendrick Lamar. Ross Because I Respect His Leadership quality and he really can make records. I Don’t know if he gets enough credit for that. Meek Mill due to the fact he is he streets. He understands the youth coming up from nothing. And last but not least , Kendrick Lamar. He’s the best rapper in the game right now, Period.”

Photos by: T Swiffa 

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