Jalen Rose is one of the figures most synonymous with the crossroads of Hip-Hop culture and the sport of basketball, a claim famously bolstered by his role in University of Michigan’s Fab Five recruiting class during the early 90s.

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Now a retired professional ball player, Rose is most recognized as a pointed  analyst for the sport, but it’s clear that he hasn’t neglected his roots.

In a recent sit-down with XXL Magazine, Rose offered some of his freshest ideas on Hip-Hop, including his favorite artists and the music he was listening to during the “Fab Five” era.


His most alluring response, however, came when the publication asked about his top three albums of all time.

“Whew! Wow, you’re going straight between the eyes,” he began. When you asked that question, there were two that just flat out came to my mind. [Jay Z’s] Reasonable Doubt and [Nas’] Illmatic are the automatic two. Those straight came to my mind. Ice’s Cube’s Amerikkka’s Most Wanted is the third.”

“Also, I have to say this. I’ve been saying this for 10 years and people didn’t start paying attention to him until he started having some billion dollar headphones. Dr. Dre is the most influential artist and producer in hip-hop history.”

“I’m old enough to remember Dr. Dre in the World Class Wreckin’ Cru when he wanted to be a DJ and he had a song called “Surgery.” This was like early 1980s. So he went from being a DJ to being an artist and having multiple classic albums with his Chronic albums. You know the laundry list of artists he’s influenced from Snoop, to Kendrick, to N.W.A, to The Game, Marshall and 50 [Cent]. These are moguls. I have to mention him too. It’s those projects and just Dr. Dre, period.”