Varonica White (V.White) is the host of the Behind The Boards Podcast where she interviews established and upcoming music producers. The conversations touch on many topics like studio habits, interesting stories working with artists, equipment they use, and many more. The free flowing conversations built a small audience in its debut season and according to her should grow in the second season that should be released in the fall of 2017. The Source sat down with V. White to talk about her duties hosting the podcast. 

The Source: Since March was Women’s month, what do you think your presence as the lead of a podcast means for the occasion?

V.White: Indeed it is! I think for the fact that its a media platform centered around hip hop and forms of its production, it’s definitely progressive to see a woman holding a podcast of its kind down by herself. 

The Source: Women have to go through so much to be respected when they are in leadership positions? How do you deal with those issues when they appear?


V.White: I’m lucky to have had mostly positive and pleasant interactions so far, I think a good part of it is what you demand, what you allow, and what type of energy and vibe you bring. If you come into anything talking too much, getting too familiar and not maintaining professionalism you’re setting yourself up for negative commentary and unwanted scenarios – whatever that may entail. And of course being on your ‘A’ game at all times – knowing your material, as far as how you want to direct the show and interview and knowing your subject (interviewee and their work). Being personable and professional is always best. 

The Source: What is your goal with this podcast?

V.White: The goal is to highlight and give a platform to the people behind all these heavyweight productions you hear or those memorable fire ass b-sides that some people slept on. Music is such an important element and soundtrack in our world and those geniuses need their recognition. We are also providing it as a beacon of insight and learning for aspiring producers (music and video) who want to get started in the business and want to know: what really goes on behind the scenes of recording, what tools are best to use and how much money will they really go home with after they sell that track. The podcast is educational and enjoyable.

The Source: Are there women you looked up to in the past as guides for your current role?

V.White: Angie Mar [Martinez]! If you grew up around my time she was a staple everyday after school. So many important memories in music happened at that time and she was right there at the pulse of it all. She has an authenticity and likability about her voice and herself that I don’t think I’ve seen in another woman in radio. She gives me a lot of reinforcement to just be myself and conduct the interview as if I were talking to a friend. [Notable mentions, though not radio, Free of 106 and Park or Ananda Lewis of TRL]

The Source: Are you looking for other women to mentor?

V.White: Not necessarily looking, but I have a number of women and young girls throughout my life tell me that I inspire them which is always humbling and flattering. A lot of women, no matter how they appear, don’t have people, let alone to look up to or go to for advice and guidance. I’m learning things everyday and if I can help any young ladies out there of course I’m down for the cause. 

The Source: Hip Hop is such a male dominated industry and it can be hard to navigate how will you help widen the path for women trying to break in the industry?

V.White: Podcasts are everywhere these days but there aren’t many hip hop based podcasts that are headed solely by a woman – devoid of gossip, sexual innuendos, and mindless chatter. I hope to normalize that rarity. When it comes to hip hop, women should be sought out for substance too. 

The Source: Any last words?

V.White: Yes, the future is female. Everybody better ante up!