Starting with slick production from the beginning, and that trend continuing throughout, The IRAI Ouree EP ii provides a very diverse listen, taken its listeners on a ride through the journey of a collective of young musicians looking to show every skill in their bag. Young musicians can learn a lesson from this tactic, you may only have one listen in today’s scope of music, to grab your listener, and this is what these guys did on The IRAI Ouree EP ii, they accomplished their mission, in one listen. When you think of combining melody, top shelf lyrics, amazing production, and overall swagger on records, you usually reserve that set of skills for a mainstream artist, but these guys are still patrollers of the underground, but I don’t know for how long. You can check out the video for “Honey Comb” off the EP below, then The IRAI Ouree EP in its entirety, below.

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