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King Of The Dot has been one of the leading forces in battle rap for some time now. Since it’s inception the league has grown to be one of the most respected platforms in the culture. From delivering in demand match ups, to extremely high quality streams for all of their events, all the way to creating their own line of clothing/merchandise that is for sale on their website KOTDTV.com.

After dominating the battle rap game in their home country of Canada, KOTD decided to expand their brand to the states, holding very successful events on the west coast. Two years ago they decided to bring their talents to the east coast, partnering with investor Nikiya Osborn and hosting an event in Massachusetts called “The Massacre”. The event was an instant success, and garnered high praise from fans as well as battle rap media. The second “Massacre” event was equally successful and really put the “Massacre” series in the forefront when it came to critically acclaimed events. Which brings us to the topic at hand, the upcoming “Massacre 3” event, a.k.a. “Mass 3” that is highly anticipated and coming up on July 22nd at the Worcester Palladium in Worcester, MA.


The buzz for Mass 3 appears to already be trumping the buzz for the previous two Mass events and the entire card has yet to be announced. This is another nod to the respect that King Of The Dot has earned for itself over the years. The matches that have been announced so far include Bigg K vs Pat Stay, Arsonal vs Iron Solomon, Daylyt vs Mickey Factz and Illmaculate vs Chilla Jones. Four solid match ups, eight incredibly talented battlers, and that’s only about half of the card, with more battles to be announced in days to come.

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If the previous two “Massacre” events are any indication as to how this event will turn out I would have to say that fans both in the building as well as watching on PPV are in for an incredible event. King Of The Dot has become synonymous with words like “quality” and “professionalism”, always maintaining a great relationship with the battlers that they choose to put on their platform. Anybody interested in attending this live event or purchasing the PPV can do so by going to the King Of The Dot website at KOTDTV.com. Tickets are moving fast so act now and be a part of battle rap history.