Meet Felly, an artist who caught fire last year with his viral track “Desert Eagle,” which was by far his biggest song and put Felly on the map. Now he returns with a brand new single titled “Baby Boy.” According to him, the song comes off his upcoming album Wild Strawberries. Produced by himself, YoG$ and Healy at Fel’s crib in Los Angeles. The song was inspired by his feelings about a volatile music industry.

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As an artist and a producer, Felly has experienced rapid growth in a short period of time. With every new quality song he released has demonstrated his growing maturity and self-awareness. A few mixtapes deep have helped the University Of Southern California graduate find himself and help him establish a very refreshing sound which combines elements of Jazz, Rock, Reggae and old school Hip-Hop. His most recent project, Young Fel EP, illustrates the diversity of sound Felly has been developing over the last few years. Wild Strawberries LP would be an extension of his ever growing craft. Take in the song below.