Ish Sankara, born in Burkina Faso and raised in Florida, releases his single Eddie Murphy, the first of what the record company Shamar Empire is sure will be a string of hits. The single draw on Sankara’s experience of life, having been born in a poor country in West Africa and raised in America – a land where money and opulence are kings

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Eddie Murphy represents a progression in the singer’s style from African American culture meets hip hop, to a more soul-funk, Afro beat.

The song itself is all about the power and influence that America and its wealthy citizens, including those of black African origin, exert over the whole of Africa. To quote from the song itself: “…so much money, I’m so dangerous.”


Because the track sounds smooth and upbeat, like rap music, the message is a bit harder to” notice right away,” he explains. “But the rhythm also makes the message more digestible,” he adds with a smile Ismael Sankara, or ‘Ish’ as he is usually known, lived in his native Burkina Faso till he was two years old when he moved with his mother to Miami. He grew up listening to the same music as his classmates, including classic 90s rappers like 2Pac, Nas and Jay-Z. But he also delved into his Mom’s collection of African cassettes and learned to love the sounds of musician and composer Pierre-Claver Akendengué from Gabon and Cameroonian saxophonist, Manu Dibango both of whom he regards as major influences on his musical style.

Listen to his new single “Eddie Murphy” below and tell us what you think.