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The “logo” decides to take his newly acquired NBA ring and talents back to tinseltown.

As Warriors general manager Bob Myers have been getting so much love and praise for his work of putting together one of the best super teams ever assembled, one name behind the scenes that hasn’t been getting his due diligence with bringing in the talent is ready to pack up his bags and head home. Hall OF Famer Jerry West, who has been the Warriors special consultant with the reigning champions for the past six years has decided to take a job similar to the position he had with Golden State.But this time, he will be servicing with the Los Angeles Clippers. Jerry spoke to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne and had this to say about the departure,


West was one of the main reasons why an successful pitch in picking up Kevin Durant worked in the favor for #DubNation. As West departs for Clippers nation, is there a possibility that we see LeBron suiting up at Staples Arena? After all, experts and sources feel that the King may strongly suit up for the purple and gold or white, red and blue. With Jerry being in the picture, this can get really interesting for the Western Conference.