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The Source will begin providing up to date, detailed analysis and reports on the latest happenings with the Prince Estate, his heirs and siblings, and what is being done with his extensive media catalog.

The Source and its staff have always been, and remain, huge fans of Prince. The Source Magazine issue # 270 contained a special tribute cover and articles honoring the late singer’s life and legacy. However, in the year since Prince’s tragic death, The Source has held back on coverage of the drama and legal happenings going on with the Estate. The Source’s publisher, L. Londell McMillan, had a very long personal friendship and professional relationship with Prince, serving as his attorney and manager over a decade. He was responsible for Prince’s Emancipation from Warner Bros Records as well as many other business accomplishments with Prince.

After the singer’s passing, he was selected as an expert business advisor to the then Estate’s Special Administrator and is a current business advisor to certain siblings of Prince’s. Because of McMillan’s ownership and other reasons, he had previously decided against The Source providing coverage on the Prince Estate. However, at the suggestion of many, with it being over one year as well as many other media sites falsely reporting facts, McMillan has reconsidered and changed his tune. Accordingly, The Source will now be joining the likes of Billboard, Variety Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and numerous other publications providing coverage.


You can be sure to get the freshest updates with the realest takes, written with due respect to the one and only Prince. Stay tuned!

The Source Magazine is an affiliate of the media and entertainment company The NorthStar Group which is owned by L. Londell McMillan, a close friend to Prince during his life, and a current advisor to three of the singer’s siblings and heirs.