Here at The Source, it’s always a great time when we’re able to write some words about the Wave. Who or what is the wave you ask? FREEWATER, and the wave is always FREE. This time, we’re able to write some words about FREEWATER young hit maker, Mhadi G. We’ve shared words about the star before, this time he’s here to drop off his video for the Noys produced jernt, “Nia Long”.

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Usual slick Free Water visuals, Mhadi G shines off the chemistry with Frankie. Together, FREEWATER always effectively conveys their messages, Mhadi G is a natural on a camera, and he floats on beats, always uttering his usual mantra “Mhadi G on free..” or some variation of it.

In this “Nia Long” video, Mhadi G takes steps forward in his journey as one of those breakthrough performers. Becoming more comfortable in the skin of a hit maker, commanding his lyrics even better, boosting his chemistry with Frankie, Frankie elevating as a director, the FREEWATER brand growing in prestige as the days go by. This “Nia Long” video was just one more step in the right direction for a brand that seems to have no plans of slowing down.


You can check out the video for “Nia Long” below, and check out FREEWATER on more platforms.

The wave is always FREE.
Directed By: @drinkfreewater