Azealia Banks never disappoints when it comes to stirring things up in the celebrity world. Most recently, she took shots at R&B singer SZA after the release of “Drew Barrymore” video.

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And while we are all busy enjoying the eye-pleasing visual, Banks caught a glimpse of her influence. During the 1:36 mark, SZA is seen in her birthday suit while rocking pink heels with a pink mesh veil and purple-pink fedora to match.
Azealia took to social media to point out the resemblance to her look on the cover of Slay-Z  mixtape. “Another day, another attempt to recreate the genius that is…Azealia Banks.” the artist said in an Instagram post, with side-by-side images of herself and the singer.

In later comments she suggested that Roc Nation should hire her as an A&R. Important thing to note is that SZA is a part of the TDE label, not Roc Nation. Banks has since deleted the post, but thanks to good folks at Baller Alert you can view it below.



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