BACARDÍ will debut custom Snapchat Lenses on June 22 and it will be available directly within the app for 24 hours. There are two unique Lenses created with the app’s dynamic 3D functionalities — each one will play snippets of ‘Front of the Line,’ allowing fans to vibe with the Sound of Rum and be in the spotlight of their own music video-like experience. Snapchatters can send their snaps to for a chance to be included in the ground-breaking music video, a 3-minute supercut animation of ‘Front of the Line’ featuring a collection of fan-generated snaps, produced by BACARDÍ.

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The exclusive Snapchat Lenses were developed to give fans the opportunity to experience the Sound of Rum for themselves. The Sound of Rum is a creative and cultural partnership between BACARDÍ and Major Lazer, aiming to break down the barriers that separate traditional music genres by infusing the legendary sounds of Caribbean music with modern day beats to bring people of all cultures and musical tastes together.

“We’re excited to give Snapchatters an opportunity to be a part of such a unique music video experience,” Zara Mirza, Global Head of Creative Excellence, BACARDÍ Limited added. “We’re always on the look-out for innovative ‘firsts’ that surprise and entertain our consumers, so we grabbed this opportunity to celebrate the Sound of Rum in this dynamic way.”


Fans can check BACARDÍ’s social channels for exclusive Snapcodes that will unlock the Lenses after the 22nd.