Quickly maneuvering through a groovy track, Quentin The 5th begins to cement himself as a vibe setter, and uses his music to unlock all of the things going on in his mind. Down to the artwork, Quentin The 5th proves to be a mystery, but a mystery that he himself finds a way to uncover on wax.

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This “4:44 AM” track feels like something that could’ve been on ‘Section 80’. It was soulful, thought provoking, the bars were still of the street rap variety, but they were witty, and filled with metaphors.

We think that Quentin The 5th has potential to be one of those rap stars, like Kendrick Lamar, who gained their stardom off of straight rap skills. If he continues to trust his skill, Quentin The 5th can be a festival master, he can sell a lot of records, and attract a core following.


Check out 4:44 AM on Quentin The 5th’s SoundCloud below.