Philadelphia, PA- Custom Lifestyle by Hamid Holloman releases “The Highs And Lows Collection”. A collection inspired by the positive and negative charge of life. The force that “US” the abstract artisans of the world use to create the spark of creativity that fuels a custom lifestyle made by hand from the things found in our environment.

Hamid continues to play with rare up-cycled military fabrics he rescues from frequenting Philadelphia Flea Markets on the weekends and re-interpreting them through his filter. The delivery features abstract textile artistry on pants a signature to Hamid’s style. The collection also features a Nehru collar Military shirt , trimmed and frayed Gilligan Bucket , Patched M-65 Jacket , Two-Tone Camo Tote , Messenger Bag & Phone Pouch.

“We receive ups and downs in life on daily basis, both can be good. No matter circumstance , beneficial matters can be your outcome it just depends on what you choose to do with your Highs and your Lows” says designer ” Hamid Holloman”. 

The collection is now available now at the Custom Lifestyle webstore. You can also keep up with Hamid Holloman through his instagram, were he shares daily design inspiration and releases exclusive 1 o 1 creations.

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