Atleast DVSN, OVO’s Toronto R&B duo, gives fans something to hold onto as we wait for their highly anticipated studio album. They tweeted the song out yesterday and it is now available to listen to on SoundCloud and various music streaming sites.

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Their other single, “Think About Me” dropped early last month. Other than that, the duo has stayed relatively lowkey, as we can assume they are busy working to put the finishing touches on their project. DVSN has been teasing at new music all year with tweets and hintful Instagram posts. The talented duo, which consists of vocalist, Daniel Daley, and producer, Nineteen85, made their album debut last year with Sept. 5th. Prior to that, they have been making waves with their remixes of classic R&B songs, such as ones from Aaliyah, and also by appearing on Drake’s Views.

Daley and Nineteen85 are undeniably talented and should be on your radar. Nineteen85 is actually the mastermind behind some of Drake’s most popular hits in recent years, such as “Hotline Bling”, “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and “Truffle Butter”. Although their album does not have a set release date yet, be ready to “text your ex” soon. Listen to their new track below!