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The baron of Black Magic Studios Hassan Shareef weighs in on what’s missing in today’s music. Experience in roles as a artistic manager, creative director, and music producer has taught him to hone in on potential opportunity.  Breaking down various factors means speaking the truth when it comes to gauging the probability of an outcome, particularly when involved at the commercial level.

Shareef admits nothing beats self-discipline and an overwhelming drive to achieve, but laments that simply having a passion is not enough, and neither is sheer talent for that matter. He gets that there has to be respect when it comes to the creative process, but also recognizes the need for balance between a few strategically placed pillars of wisdom. The enormity of that alone shows his comprehension of striking the iron while it’s hot.

There are a few key component this boss points to as ingredients in the the recipe for success. Often reiterating that it’s the support system that carries these acts, again, not something guaranteed to any of them. What is worse even is the unfortunate reality that many of these rising stars lack the reading and writing skills required for growth beyond the Ebonics bubble. Behind the scenes insight gives this major player the competitive advantage when it comes to picking up on the variety of ways to merge his business and musical know how, something he choose to share and likewise encourage.