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In 2010, 3 members formed a group known as CMF but now officially CMFM. Rapping is something they all enjoyed doing – putting they’re actual life experiences into music.

After losing one of they’re closet friends to the system who started the group, the trio was inspired to push harder for him. The group feels the type of music they make comes from the heart, real life events.


“We tell stories through our music we make all types of music with different sounds street music r&b music that riding music.”

“Big ups to Reno Hitz for the motivation as well. Check out our mixtapes on spinrilla, Ty the general generally speaking & Book Marley Da Don This is me. The whole CMFM members Vino, Lux,Don, Dub, Truth, Shady, our young squad crash media…Big ups to our producer on them boards to QDH Tha Kid…”

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Describe your overall sound & music?
“My music is really what I’m feeling at the time, I got a lot of deeply scared memories and stories more real life than anything. Honestly I’m just trying to tell my story, so it’s hard to say what kind of sound I have. A real heart felt sound if anything.”


What inspires your music?                                                                                                  “Things I’ve been through and things I’ve grown to overcome. I always had a passion for music, first it was just freestyle but the older I got the more I really started to speak what I felt inside rather than talking to someone about it I wrote it down.”


What prominent artists you say inspires your music and why?                        “Jay-z, Beanie Seigal, Rick Ross, TI, Lil Boosie, Young Jeezy. I was raised in the streets so for me I wanted to hear real life music, something I could relate to more than bounce too. I always wanted to be able to feel what an artist spoke.”


What are your plans for this summer with your music career?                        “To take it as far as I can! Push harder, grind harder I got a lot of people depending on me to get in that door we all been down forever with this movement.”


What do you feel is so unique that sets you apart from all of these other artists surfacing?                                                                                                                      “Most of them just rapping but I speak real pain, real life situations, I tell my life story! A lot of rappers are actors the portray vision that aren’t true I’m really from what I claim and speak what I live.”