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Valerie Castile, mother of slain Philando Castile, reached a near $3 Million settlement with the city of St. Anthony, Minnesota. This served as slight relief after just ten days ago Jeronim0 Yanez, the officer involved in Castile’s death was acquitted of second-degree manslaughter and all other charges. The family, and those paying close attention, were disheartened to see yet another police officer escape criminal conviction after wrongfully killing a Black person.

Even though similar cases, such as Ferguson, Tamir Rice, and Danroy Henry Jr., have reached settlements as well, this case calls into question the legitimacy of the new camera technology placed in police cars and on the officers themselves. There have been three similar cases in the last month, and three acquittals of police officers despite there being video evidence of misconduct. The fourth case ended in mistrial after the jury couldn’t reach a verdict.

Castile’s family was prepared to take the case further with a civil suit, but that will no longer be necessary. The settlement will be paid for through insurance money, according to a joint statement from the Castile family and the city of St. Anthony. None of this can bring Philando back, but the family can rest a bit easier knowing they won’t have to endure the ordeal of litigation and constant reminders of the tragedy.