We first discovered Leon The God after he was selected for Pass The Aux 2, where he was unquestionably one of the standouts. We saw the way that he captured the crowd with his thought provoking lyrics, his cool demeanor, and his control on the mic. Since then, Leon The God has toured the country on his self booked, “The Super Nova Tour”. From this, Leon The God has embarked on another venture, his own booking company, GODSWAY, USA. At GODSWAY, USA, Leon The God says, “The mission is to help talented folk get into suitable markets, it’s not that some people aren’t talented enough to book shows, it’s simply because they don’t know how, let’s build and talk business.”

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In “Heard Not Seen” the video we’ll be premiering today, you can tell early that one of Leon The God’s primary aims is to educate. When we spoke, we told him, “We’re rocking with it, def think it’s gonna be a how to video on how to get popping in the indie hustle. We think it’ll be a peak inside the life of an artist doing it the correct way. You have the formula family, and it’s great that you’ve found a way to effectively convey it.”

And all of that was true. Leon The God has gained his experience from being in the field, and this video shows that. You can check out, “Heard Not Seen” right here below, and if you’re an artist reading this, and looking to book shows around the country, don’t hesi to hit Leon The God up, and GODSWAY, USA.