Sports retailer LIDS has partnered with legendary filmmaker Spike Lee to release a new promotional video addressing diversity within headwear culture. Combining humor and honesty, the video explores the path many go on to becoming hat fanatics. It plugs LIDS for being “fashion-forward” and consistently producing products that consumers desire the most. Lee describes the hats that he wears are his form of personal expression, who he represents, and how he lives his life. He felt this video was necessary as there are many others like him whose stories pertaining to hats go untold.

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The video is set in New York City and follows the Do The Right Thing director on a journey to “Captown USA” otherwise known as Indianapolis where LIDS national headquarter is located. Along the way, Lee speaks to store owners and customers about fashion aspects and meanings of headwear. The video also treats viewers to an inside look of how LIDS creates their products and maintains their relevance to today’s fashion trends and culture.

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Jeff Pearson, expressed LIDS’ excitement at the opportunity to work with Spike Lee. He identified Lee’s embodiment of a passion for headwear and described Lee and the company having perfect synergy in displaying why LIDS remains prominent in today’s headwear culture.