Rapper and producer Felly just graduated from the University of Southern California. When he wasn’t busy churning out projects and hitting the road with his band, the L.A transplant was completing a Bachelors in Music Industry, learning the ins-and-outs of a landscape in which he hopes to leave his mark.

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Currently in preparations for the release of his forthcoming Wild Strawberries project, he’s launched his latest “New Flavors Wednesday” series, as he teases the masses with new sounds every week before his newest body of work arrives.

Last week, we featured the first of the series “Fight the Feeling,” and today, we return with the exclusive premiere of “Delta Deathbus To Zion,” featuring  Peter $un.


The new cut serves as a proper sophomore entry to “New Flavors,” maintaining Felly’s signature dulcet approach to crafting tracks.

Take a listen and read up on our brief conversation with the rising star.

Let’s talk about your sound. You attended USC. As far as Southern California goes, how much did that environment shape the mellow, funky vibe you’ve developed?

I would definitely say it contributed a lot. It made my sound a little more slowed down and relaxed.

When I made music on the east coast, it had a little bit more speed and aggression. When you’re out on the west coast, things are nicer and more relaxed, and I think the music shows that, and gives that vibe a little bit.

Wild Strawberries is on the way, but for now you’ve kicked off New Flavors. “Fight The Feeling” was actually created a year ago, and you just released it. Is that what the approach is going to be with New Flavors? Archived tracks, or a mix of old and new?

It’s definitely a mix of both. There’s a lot of songs that were created a while ago that are going to be on the album as well.

“New Flavors” has like a mix of new stuff and old stuff. But, it all has it common that none of it is going to be on the album. So, I have like a lot of tracks and I want to keep it fresh for the summer.

Is Wild Strawberries completed at the moment?

I still have a week of mixing left. I’m on the way to L.A. right now. We’re going to the studio and I’ll probably record the intro to the project with Dot da Genius tonight. I’m still working on a few tracks, finalizing them, but all the songs are written.

So, you’ve got Dot da Genius as a potential credit, how’s Wild Strawberries going to look as far as guest appearances, and the sound now as opposed to past projects?

It definitely has more features than my past stuff. I’ve been working with a lot of new artists, and new producers, and actually getting into new studios and new rooms.

That’s the product of being out in LA for three or four years. You start to actually gain this network and it becomes this authentic network instead of just coming for a couple of days, and going to a studio. It was more of building relationships, working a lot with my band.

The sound definitely has a wild and eclectic feel to it, and bounces around all emotions. I had it as a mellow album at first. I reshaped it to have more energy and a little bit more of a punch to it.

Because after the last two tours, you learn that you have to live with your music. I’m going to be on the road performing these songs. You might as while make them how you want them to be, and deliver the aggression or whatever feeling you’re going to end up feeling on the road.

I just want it to be an accurate representation of who I am. It takes a while to get there, and I’m finally coming around to it.