KGoon’s been waiting on this moment,

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Raised in Montreal, the predominantly french-speaking city approximately 340 miles miles east of Toronto, the young rapper has been part of a music renaissance in a city with a slew talent left often overlooked.

And as he delivers his debut release, Goon is making sure that all eyes are now fixated on him.


We got opportunity to draw a few words from the rising star about his project and his city.

Check it out below and take a highly recommended listen to Tables Turn.

The Source: What’s the significance behind the name Tables Turn?

KGoon: We come from the mud. At one point nobody cared about what I had to say. I was overlooked in my city. I’m the underdog, but I’m shining now. The tables have turned.

How long were you working on this project? Was it something that you’ve been putting together from the start or did you just decide to put together a project one day?

I’ve been rapping all my life, but this is my debut project. I didn’t want to release anything before I was ready. I’ve been inspired this past year and Tables Turn is the result of it all. Patience was key.

Your sound is on a very consistent slope. What influences can you cite that have had an impact on the music you’ve chosen to create and how you create it?

My favorite artists and those who have influenced my music are artists like Future, Kodak, NBA Young Boy, A Boogie, Lil’ Wayne, 50 Cent.

The Hip-Hop scene in Montreal doesn’t get enough love in comparison to Toronto. Why do you think that is? Do you see a noticeable shift on the horizon for the city?

Toronto has some of the biggest names in the game right now, but I believe our time is coming. I do this for Montreal, can’t let ’em down.

Talk about Paper Boyz Squad. I take it there are more members of the crew. What can we expect from PBS as a whole in the coming future?

PBS is a movement, a family. Every person that’s part of this family has been here since day 1, no new faces. There is more talent on the team that we’ll be sharing with the world in due time.