Kilsuals , an Art and media based network where artist showcase their work within kilsuals  . Kilsuals , Jonathan Burkett and Chamar Stevenson in business was founded in 2016 . Filming and editing , capturing and editing is what we do. We make everything look better . The word Kilsuals come from the word visuals but Kilsuals because of Jonathan nickname Killa. We’re always on hunting adventures which is on a road to be great with what we do. Once we get our hands on the project , it’s highly anticipated for the artist because they know we will kill it.  Supah is a great individual , friend , and artist . His vision coming to us for critique and collaboration is always adventurous . His new project (6ix21) is a good one , we witnessed his grind behind his work ethic up until this point . Check out

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The concept #6ix21 came from certain universal subliminal messages $upah has been receiving. On this project $upah touches all bases telling his story, & expressing emotions & truths just right with a mixture of styles & catchy lyrics any song could be your favorite. Vibrations a groovy song $upah is  accompanied by @yaboig_hill & how cuzzin @shalyricsings expressing vibing & switching dimensions.
 You can expect much more from $upah, and his label this year.