First up is Jawuan’s bar heavy remix to DJ Khaled, Rihanna, and Bryson Tiller’s smash from the Grateful album, “Wild Thoughts”. Here, Jawuan floats over the now popular instrumental, and does it mad amounts of justice. Tackling a beat of this magnitude, this early into its release, which is already a flip of another popular record is risky, but Jawuan took on the beat with confidence, and truly didn’t disappoint. If Khaled were to here this joint, the sky would be the limit, because Jawuan presented himself as an industry ready, lyrical monster, and it sounds as if his bars would transition well already.

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Next release from Jawuan is “Hate Me When I’m Rich”, a song that’s very ready to be the lead single on an album. Thought provoking content, hard hitting street lyrics, a flow that makes it an easy listen, and many more great qualities. Here, Jawuan dug into his bag of tricks, and showcased a lot of what he can do, and what he could potentially add to a label. When record label executives hear this one, I think that they’ll be inclined to bring Jawuan in for a meeting, and then they’ll hear “Wild Thoughts”, and he may not leave without a deal, haha.


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