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DJ Stevie J‘s Appreciation 9 mixtape has a host of popular artists, including Young Money’s Lil Wayne who was featured on the track titled “YFS.” The acronym, standing for “Young Fresh and Shameless” was soon recognized as a tribute to one of Weezy’s favorite streetwear brands.

Anny Taormina, owner and creator of the Young Fresh and Shameless brand, was immediately contacted after the song dropped and was pleased Wayne was so fond of it. Wayne had been a fan of the brand for a while, but had never publicly indicated just how much he appreciated and identified with it. Taormina described her brand as “ruleless streetwear” and “outfitting men and women, who answer to no one, dress only for themselves and the moment they are living for.”

There honestly is no better way to describe the veteran rapper, who has constantly dressed however he saw fit with no regard given to anyone’s critiques. You can check out the track below and also purchase some Young Fresh and Shameless gear for yourself here.