The Genius, Extraordinaire, a Rarity
Gemstone, strong like Serendibite.
His purpose here on earth, well served
Physically absent, spiritually elevated
Emotionally, at rest yet mentally engrained in
The 3rd minds eye of humanity
Supersedes multidimensional realms
Ascended Master Teacher
Intelligent sexy thug, MY love, my love
Gangsta don’t die we just turn to legends
All we go thru is hell, trust P’s in heaven
God body uplifted, FREE
We’ll wait upon your resurrection
My/Our soul aches, heartbroken
Silent/loud cries heard globally
Forever I promise baby your dark/light
Will rise on, Rise up beyond the stars

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Remember P’s lessons: practice mindfulness, study math/science, wealth is in health, the real power is family/friends/people, stay awoke to the ways of the wickedest kinds – Infamous

See you soon, Rest in P-aradise.
May peace be with you, King
Enlightened #1


“We need to pay more attention to our surroundings. Busy Wildin’, all for the wrong cause… Put that same strength into something that’ll pay off. Don’t forget your soul’s involved, that same energy you put out, comes right back it Revolves.” – Prodigy

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I'm Armon Sadler, upcoming graduate from Cornell University. I love music and I love writing about it.

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