Back with another smash from Bando Wavey, this time a visual for “Xanny” with Young Lyxx another rising star, and Teezy Baby who’s also on his way “outta here.” These three, all bubbling in their own way, all seemingly breaking the seal of local prestige, combine on “Xanny” to deliver a drug-induced summer anthem. The visual matches the vibe of the record, each artist contributed to the song/video in a masterful way, the branding was popping with “In NOLA We Trust” gear, and there was a fire cameo from a friend on the magazine, Lolly.

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This song, “Xanny” was produced by Yung Doobie, a young producer from the Westbank of New Orleans, LA. It featured three of the hottest New Orleans artists right now, and we project that all three of these artists are very close to their blow up because of their industry ready sound, their work ethic, their unique abilities, and attention to detail. You can check out the video for “Xanny” here below on YouTube, and it’s directed by, Joseph Ngabo.