The entire Hip-Hop community was impacted when the news broke that Prodigy died due to complications caused by sickle cell anemia. His loved ones are still coping with the loss of a beloved friend and family member.

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Prodigy’s daughter took to Instagram to share a home video of her dad cracking jokes and riding around on a bike. The caption read:

You have such a beautiful soul,” the message reads, “[and] it saddens me that there is so many people who will never get the chance to meet, experience AND appreciate this side of you. I love you dad & you will forever be a blessing to this world and to my heart . Thank you … we miss you.

Besides his family, Havoc was one of the first people you thought about when you heard the news. Havoc took the stage at the Art of Rap Festival in New Jersey, marking it his first performance since his other half passed. With assistance from Big Noyd and Ice-T, Havoc performed “Give Up The Goods” and the group’s timeless classic, “Shook Ones Pt. II”.


Press play above to watch the crowd go crazy when Prodigy’s voice is played through the speakers.