Music has been and always will be a major part of who Kristen Avian is.  Not only is she a vocalist, but she also writes, and arranges most of her own music as well. She’s taught herself to play a few different musical instruments. Kristen Avian also has her own production company under the umbrella of her brand Light Work LLC, which currently markets men’s, women’s and kid’s brand apparel.  Creatively, she strives to be a well rounded artist in this industry.

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Music really is a second language for Kristen Avian.  For her, it’s means of communication. Whether it be a mood, a feeling, a heartbreak, or a completely dope situation, music has given her the ability to convey it all.  As an artist in 2017, it’s important, she’d even say necessary, for her to let people know that music still has the power to be positively influential . Kristen Avian’s music has a fresh vibe with an original sound and authentic lyrics that just about anyone, regardless of race, gender, or age can relate to. Vocally, she feels that an artist doesn’t need to have a thousand runs to convey emotion in a song.  Musically, there’s nothing that compares to a soulful song in A Capella or even the pure, raw and simplistic melody that a baby grand and acoustic guitar can create.  Through music, Kristen Avian hopes to inspire not only fellow artists and musicians, but everyone who has a story to tell. She says, “whether we communicate that through song, or art, or food, or whatever the craft, we all want the same thing; somebody to listen.”

When we heard this track, we were blown away. The way Kristen effortlessly graced her way through this record was mind blowing for an artist at her age, but it’s a testament to the well rounded quality that she spoke up about possessing. “Coolin'” came right on time for the Summer, a vibrant track, with fresh lyrics, a mellow instrumental, and a vibed out artist bringing forth the word. You can feel the great energy that Kristen Avian has, and she spills it all out on “Coolin'”. We’re ready to hear more from the young songstress, and we feel like it won’t be long before we’re writing about her in an even larger capacity. She’s truly “On The Rise.”