Lust God is a Toronto vocalist whose Soundcloud is only a year old but everything sounds like it’s been there much longer. His aesthetic can be compared to the good ol’ 90s R&B with his own futuristic twist. As far as the music goes, he shows potential to be a leading player in the increasingly heated Future R&B market.

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Going through each track will have you comparing his music to Janet Jackson-era or Avant or even Joe, as he efficiently hits tried and tested riffs. Each song has that consistency when it comes to quality. His latest song “Night & Day” isn’t any different, sticking to his demeanor Lust God passionately delivers a smooth number for the ladies. His considerable vocal range and girl-friendly lyrics will provide any listener with just enough confidence to conquer any love interest on a late night.

Judge it for yourself and take in “Night & Day” below. If it really hits the spot take in the rest of his Soundcloud at your own convenience.


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Haleema Khan is a writer from Toronto, ON, who also contributes to RESPECT and – A dedicated tastemaker, she also performes rare DJ sets on the regular.

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