Well, even the President can’t say whatever he wants to on social media.

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President Donald Trump’s recent Twitter vid, which shows a pro wrestler with the Don’s face attached to it beating up another wrestler, which had a CNN logo attached to it, has brought down so much heat that some Americans are calling for his impeachment because of it.

#25thAmendmentNow has become a trending topic on the very same social media platform that Trump chose to release the video on. CNN accused Trump of engaging in “juvenile behavior far below the dignity of his office” for the wrestling video showing him taking it to the physical with his media nemesis CNN. Twitter’s code of conduct guidelines were even called into question to see if Trump’s tweet may have been grounds for suspension or expulsion from the President’s favorite form of social media.


Still, many condemned Trump’s video online, sparking the #25thAmendmentNow hashtag. The 25th Amendment is a procedure to remove presidents who haven’t committed crimes but are considered unfit to be in office. Cabinet members would first have to certify that the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” and then two-thirds of Congress would have to concur for the procedure to take place. The vice president would then become president under the amendment.