As the underground rap scene in Washington D.C. continues to boom, LADS affiliate LULBIGBROTHER is one to keep an eye on. With only four singles up to stream online, LULBIGBROTHER has already built for himself a sizable following in his city and some media attention. So far he has worked with fellow DMV rising stars Chaz French and Innanet James but don’t let that fool. He has no problem holding his own. His two solo releases “2015 Swag Surf” and “Break It Up” have both crossed the 30k mark on Soundcloud, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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His newest single “Wish Me Well”, produced by Jelani Kwesi & Black Moses, showcases a side of D.C. that anyone outside of the city probably wouldn’t know about. Shot at the Shaw Skatepark in Northeast, the local vibe of this video really shows that The Nation’s Capital is coming up in the rap game with it’s own unique aesthetic, despite all the bureaucratic bullshit. The local culture in D.C. is strong. They have their own style, they have their own language, they have their own music, They even have their own food. Even LULBIGBROTHER is dawning local brand Rent Is Due in the video.

There will be alot coming from LULBIGBROTHER this summer. He opened the season performing at the historic RFK Stadium as apart of The Smile Project‘s carnival and has another show July 22nd. As far as music goes, Big Bruh is delivering his debut EP What The Hell July 30th. Although there aren’t more details than that, but judging off of the work he’s put out thus far, the tape isn’t expected to disappoint.


Be sure to check LULBIGBROTHER out for yourself on Soundcloud at, and be sure to follow him on Twitter @LULBIGBROTHER.