Summer is here and you know what that means, right?!

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There’s no NBA basketball on. But, there’s a bunch of free agency signings. No worries though! The coolest part of the summer are also the infamous amount of pick up games that are taking place. Hoop fans, let me introduce to you the new phenomenon called Ballertag.

Ballertag is the official pickup basketball app making it easier for folks to connect with people in their communities. The app makes it easy for people to discover courts nearby, schedule your own games, invite your friends, grow your following and view how many ballers are on the court in realtime.


The app was founded in January 2017. It aims to build a community of basketball lovers around the world to communicate better and always have a court to play at that is not empty. The company’s mission is to empower underprivileged youth by encouraging them to stay active on the court and off the streets. Additionally, Ballertag is giving adults a clear path in achieving their goals for cardio and to enjoy the game that they love. Ballertag’s founder & CEO, Nelson Stryker had this to say about the app:

This app is the only app that moves the culture of pickup basketball forward . It tells you where you can play, who’s nearby to invite, schedule your own games, follow your friends and get rewarded for doing what you love.”

According to Stryker, with the success of the app and additional products, by 2019, Ballertag, Inc will deploy a “repair unit” that travels the country repairing damaged basketball courts  in high poverty areas in conjunction with local governments.

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