Denzel Curry is a pretty electric performer. To this I can testify.

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But, true performance in rap is  hard to come by. In a generation where vibes often take precedence over raw talent, it’s easy to get sucked into a mindset where artistry loses value.

It was during an interview on “Sway in The Morning” that the young Curry made note of this, emphasizing the importance of great performances and mentioning how bad performances have succeeded in lessening his interest in certain artists.


Specifically, he targeted rappers who perform live over their own tracks.

“I don’t do that sh*t,” he said. “’Cause I be lookin’ at shows and motherf*ckers be playin’ they sh*t, and it be the f*cking soundtrack from the f*cking SoundCloud.”

“If I wanted to hear the track, n*gga, I could’ve stayed in my car,” the Carol City bred rapper continued. “They came to see you, so you gotta give them that f*cking show.”

According to Denzel, he honed his performance skills by studying the likes of Lauryn Hill and The Underachievers, the latter of which put him on his first tour. He cites that before touring with the Brooklyn duo, he didn’t know how to perform, but he “had the energy.”

Next winter, he’ll continue to put those acquired skills to the test as he embarks on his 11-city “Life of 13” tour across Europe, kicking off in France on November 21.

Watch Denzel Curry’s full chat on Sway in The Morning below.