NBA All-Defensive Second Team member Andre Roberson was just signed to a 3 year, $30 million deal to stay with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The forward has been with OKC the entirety of his career after being traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves on draft night, and is a key piece of their starting lineup with his lockdown perimeter defense.

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Happy to stay put and earned a nice amount of money, the 25-year-old decided to celebrate with several of his friends at Chupacabra Cantina in Austin, Texas. His bill came out to $487.13, which wasn’t as significant as the tip he left: $13.97. Twitter doesn’t take too long to find out specific details like this, and one account controlled by a man named David Rodriguez called him out for being cheap.

Roberson was quick to defend himself and deny the claims of being cheap, citing that he only purchased one bottle and did not actually receive any service. While the tip was nowhere near 15%, the New Mexico native is technically free to do whatever he would like with his money. You can check out the Tweets of the interaction between Roberson and Rodriguez below.