Multi-Platinum RIAA Certified Engineer Tommy “D” Daugherty plans to release his book on recording with Dr. Dre, 2Pac, Michael Jackson, and more. The release of the film All Eyez On Me about Tupac Shakur has prompted him to give stories left out of the film.

“I was at Death Row from the beginning to the end. I was hired while working on Prince’s albums… the rap guys next door had apparently kicked the engineer out!” Daugherty stated. The book goes behind the scenes of making records such as The Chronic, Doggystyle, All Eyez On Me, and Makaveli.

For fans who wondered how Tupac recorded countless hours of posthumous work, Tommy D is the answer. As his Chief Engineer, Tommy was 2Pac’s trusted partner for the making of his final album. The book will also dive into rap hot topics such as Real story behind 2Pac shootings and East Coast/West Coast feud, working with late artists such as Prince, Michael Jackson, & Left Eye. Plus, the rise and fall of hip hop’s most notorious Label: Death Row Records

Since getting his start working synthesizers for Prince & George Clinton, Tommy has become one of the most trusted names in music. He is one of the few engineers in the business with Diamond RIAA (+10 million album sales) record sales. Let’s hope we get to read this book. In order for him to publish the book, he is calling upon everyone to help him raise the amount needed to release the book. Head over to kickstart to take a look.