LaVar Ball has made fans and enemies of many people with his outlandish character and support of his children. After his son, UCLA’s Lonzo Ball, was drafted 2nd to the Los Angeles Lakers, his father quickly exclaimed Lonzo would lead the Lakers to the playoffs and back to the prominence they once had in the NBA. Philadelphia 76ers’ center and Rookie of the Year candidate Joel Embiid was clearly not impressed with Ball and his antics, using his social media to say “F*ck Lavar Ball.”

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Ball was caught up with in an airport by a reporter, donning the ZO2 slides, while with his son LaMelo Ball. When asked for a response to the comments, he claimed Embiid was focused on the wrongs things (him) when he should instead focus on not being injury prone. Ball questioned Embiid’s intellect, saying he could only use cuss words because he didn’t know how to say anything else due to his limited vocabulary. After finally dismissing the conversation about Embiid, he suggested LeBron James find his way to LA so he could finish his career as a champion.

We can only imagine what other buzz the Ball family will generate before the 2017-2018 NBA season begins. It will certainly be interesting to watch the Lakers and Sixers compete for the first time with Lonzo Ball on the Lakers.


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