Remember last summer, when everyone was raving about Mike Conley being the highest paid player in the NBA? Those days are no more. After seeing Blake Griffin and Steph Curry sign supermax deals for $173 million and $201 million, respectively, the Houston Rockets made a lot of noise this past weekend signing superstar guard James Harden to a 4-year, $170 million contract extension after just last July agreeing with him on a 4-year $118 million deal. Harden’s stellar season, culminating in making the All-NBA team, made him eligible for this veteran player extension. He will now earn $228 million total over the course of this new contract.

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Money has been thrown around quite a lot this offseason, but this deal is significant as the Rockets just recently acquired another superstar in Chris Paul. After Harden’s amazing year at point guard, many were confused as to why the Rockets brought in another point guard of similar caliber. Perhaps it was an effort to reward Harden and keep him happy despite the fact he may have to change positions again, but with no state income tax it is safe to say The Beard is pleased. Chris Paul even took to Twitter to congratulate him, saying he’d be happy with some of Harden’s money if that meant he wouldn’t get the ball as much.

The Rockets look to bounce back from the disappointment in last year’s playoffs, and with a hungry Chris Paul and well-paid Harden, their chances are looking pretty good for making a run to the Western Conference Finals again. There is still talk of them looking to trade for Carmelo Anthony as well, who has expressed he is willing to waive his no-trade clause if it meant he would be traded to Houston or the Cleveland Cavaliers. You can check out Chris Paul’s congratulatory Tweet below.