According to art publication East Coast Renaissance, the mural that was painted in memory of Albert “Prodigy” Johnson of the legendary duo Mobb Deep, is being permanently removed from its current location because of unknown culprits who have vandalized the memorial at least twice.

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On July 8, less than 24 hours after the mural was completed by Quens artist Jeff Henriquez, the mural was defaced by someone splashing white paint over the mural as seen below.


Henriquez and crew came back and repaired the mural the same day, but the vandals weren’t done. In another less than 24 hour time span the repaired mural on the outskirts of Queensbridge Houses, was again defaced, this time with red paint. The building’s owners have now decided that the vandalism is attracting too much negative attention and have chosen to have the memorial removed immediately, which is being done today.

The vandals who committed the crime have yet to be identified.