“Money” Mayweather and the “Notorious” one met face to face for the first time in front of a live crowd in Los Angeles. Let’s just say…..this has the makings to be a knockout of a fight.

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The undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather accomplished two verbal objectives in LA as he and Conor McGregor met eye-to-eye for a series of four press conferences leading to their August 26 bout. The undefeated champ reminded loyal boxing and MMA fans that despite his age, the man can still deliver when the bright lights is on. Floyd in typical, bloisterious fashion made remarks that got under Conor’s skin.

I’m the A-side, That’s why this b—h had to come to the boxing ring. He looks good for a seven-figure fighter; he looks good for an eight-figure fighter, but motherf–ker, I’m a nine-figure fighter.

As Floyd got the crowd super ecstatic, he randomly whipped out a nine-figure check from a previous fight that he never cashed. Talk about landing an Multi Million-Dollar Haymaker.


But here comes the 28-year-old cocky, MMA expert Conor McGregor, who landed the first subliminal shot by sporting an pinstripe suit in which it was stitched “F*** You”. He continue to stand his ground as he made a bold prediction that the fight won’t last past 4 rounds. The current UFC lightweight champion continue to joke on Money’s wardrobe claiming he couldn’t afford a suit.

I don’t fear him, I don’t fear his limited set. This isn’t a true fight. If this was a true fight, it wouldn’t take one round.

As we have a long way to go to what may potentially be the first billion dollar fight to ever be organized, it looks like this highly anticipated fight has the makings to be an epic classic or epic fail.