The Source, and the top entrepreneurship and innovation center for youth and adult technology education, Blue 1647, partners to put on The Source 360 Hackathon Experience on August 10th during the 4th Annual Source360 Conference in Downtown, Brooklyn.

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One of the biggest challenges to urban youth is access to technology. Blue 1647 teaches middle school and high school students how to code through communal challenges. No coding experience necessary.

Teams will have a day to complete the challenge and present their apps to judges for awards in the same day.


Unlike other Hackathons, this one fosters the energy and interest of youth in the community to learn about technology with a hip hop twist. Diverse groups from all programming experience levels are encouraged to join as they will be guided by development mentors through the problem solving and app building process. It takes more talent than just programmers to create an app.

During the 12 hour Hackathon, people of all ages are encouraged to watch the event in progress and meet with other like-minded technology enthusiasts in the event space.

“With the boom of new businesses and jobs in the technology industry, it is imperative that we give our youth the proper tools to succeed in the field. We wanted to partner with Blue 1647 to show young students in New York the great opportunities available in the tech arena. Few industries and skill-sets have accelerated so fast, and it is our duty as a community to do what we can to help the next generation be a part of this accelerated technological era”
– The Source Owner and Chairman, L. Londell Mcmillan

“Ultimately we want our students knowing that they are problem solvers and they actually can find technology solutions to make great things happen. By trying to get that momentum and get them started earlier rather than later, we want to compel them to think ‘Hey for the next 20 years of my life I want to use this technology for finding a cure, and use it to research and inform others’. This thought typically  doesn’t happen in communities all across the board so it is exciting when we can ingrain this in students early”
– Founder Blue 1647, Emile Cambry

The 4th Annual Source360 celebrates the 7 pillars of Hip-Hop culture: art, music, film, fashion, sports, dance & technology where the community can partake in discussion panels with industry and community leaders, music performances and an all day block party. Source360 is the premier cultural event of the year for a diverse and engaging audience, locally and globally.

The Source360 will take place from August 10th-13th in Downtown, Brooklyn.

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