ZEKE BEATS is a DJ/Producer from Perth, Australia who has been at the top of his game for almost a decade. He started his musical journey as a multi award winning Scratch DJ/Turntablist before making electronic and bass music, and has since proven to be one of Australia’s most talented turntablist DJ’s who has managed to branch out more widely into the international sphere to great success.

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Spreading across genres including Hip-Hop, Electronic, Bass and wave twisting in between, ZEKE BEATS turntable skills are undeniable, solidified by a series of awards including Australasian IDA DJ Champ, 4th World Ranking IDA DJ Championships, inaugural Q-Bert Skratch University Valedictorian/Skratch Champion, Red Bull Thre3style State Champion, 2 x State DMC DJ Champion and Australian Vice DMC DJ Champ. Developing his technical style while maintaining a high degree of musicality as a somewhat DJ Q-Bert protégé, ZEKE BEATS has proven to be an innovative musician not afraid to take risks and push boundaries.


As a true credit to his live performance skills, in 2012 ZEKE BEATS performed the Australian Premier of Concerto for Turntables and Orchestra with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (WASO) as a turntablist before also incorporating his refined skills on the nationally broadcasted Classical music radio show, a unique yet exciting direction for a DJ.

ZEKE BEATS opened the Production / DJ School Lab Six in Perth in late 2013 in an effort to show future generations some of his insights and skills. He has released the Meltdown EP, Pay Attention EP and is associated with numerous labels worldwide including Saturate Records (Germany), Slow Roast Records (USA) and Doggtown Records (The Netherlands). Earlier this year ZEKE BEATS released the EP Dispatch on London imprint Terrorhythm Recordings to critical acclaim.

ZEKE BEATS has toured throughout Australia, America, Canada, Europe and New Zealand on multiple occasions and he is back currently touring America and Canada again throughout July & August before heading on a global tour for Rezz’s Mass Manipulation World Tour. Catch one of the most exciting turntablists turned producers in a city near you soon to see what the skills live are really like.


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