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Friday night right before he blew the roof down on the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival stage, Dreamville’s own Bas spoke with us about his upcoming Tour Stop with J. Cole in NYC, how it felt to be back at home to perform, Jay-Z’s 4:44 and artist that he would like to work with in the future. As one of Dreamville’s lead guys he was ready to take the stage and rep his squad. Coming off his second studio album, Too Hot to Riot which released on March 4. 2016 of last year, the Queens bred is sure that he will deliver with his next project, which is in the works. Bas gives the upmost praise to leading boss, J. Cole for helping him form his platform and giving him a chance to be apart of Dreamville during the interview.

Check it out below.

How does it feel to be back in New York City?


Bas: It’s dope man, it’s home. We call them home games for a reason, I’m coming home I get to see a lot of my friends that I don’t get to see on the road. I got to go see my folks, swing by the deli and grab a sandwich like everything we miss about home. You get to come out and see your real Day 1 base.

How does it feel to get that chance to perform back at home on the Barclays Stage?

Man, it’s going to be legendary you know just a blessing and I got to thank Cole for that platform and letting us all touch that stage and grow our base every night, grow my fan base and perform for my people and fans that came to see it. It’s just a blessing. I’m in my hometown at Barclays for 2 nights, it’s definitely a dream come true. I’m just excited to keep doing this run and finish my album when I’m done.

Do you have any word on new music?

It’s probably not the right time to say much, just know that I’m forsure working, I’m on tour right now  so when I get off tour I’m going to wrap it up and get it out to the people.

Any artist that you would like to work with that you haven’t worked with in the future?

Yeah, there’s tons. I’m a fan of alot of people, Anderson Paak is coming on tour with us and he joins us on tour in a couple of days. I’m a big fan of Paak. I’m gonig to see what’s up with that and try to make something happen.

Any New School Artist That You Like?

Yeah, I enjoy my peers man they don’t have to sound like me, I like a wide range of music man and there’s alot of cool music coming out.

What’s Your Favorite track off JAY-Z’s 4:44?

I think I like the O.J. one.