Versatility is key when it comes from Louisiana-based solo artists, Adam Wise and Jaz Flow. Since joining forces a few years back, the two artists have been nonstop in their studio sessions to bring their fans the best music possible. For Jaz Flow, he began songwriting as a form of self-expression, in which he would formulate lyrics from his own thoughts and life experiences. Adam Wise shared a similar sentiment, as he was constantly influenced by the people around him, and put this to use in his songs. Being that both of these artists have been involved in music for over a decade, it was only a matter of time until they eventually linked up to create a project together.

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After starting his own independent label about five years ago, Adam Wise continued connecting with industry veterans and meeting other artists. After working with different engineers in the studio, Wise connected with Jaz Flow at a local studio session. Something that started off so informal would later become a full-fledged partnership. After Jaz Flow did a feature on Wise’s track, the pair realized what could come of them working together. Wise released “Project Light”, accompanied by Jaz Flow, and much to both artist’s surprise, the project did numbers. In the words of Wise, “Project Light” “travels through the streams of mainstream music with a wave of good energy”. And, it did just that as it traveled through radio charts continuously.

The artists recall how the project left their newfound fans wanting more. The two vigorously worked on their next album, and remained diligent in the studio in order to perfect this next project. Due to the wave of positive response and popularity that their first work received, they knew they had to bring the heat on the second album. Thus, “From the 3” was born. “From the 3” is significant to both Adam Wise and Jaz Flow, as they have high hopes for the album to bring them on a larger, national scale. With the release of popular single, “Rumors”, their wishes have come true.


Currently, both Adam Wise and Jaz flow are focused on releasing more music from their latest album. As they are working on perfecting the visuals for “That 3” and “Beam Me Up”, they hope their influence inspires others to think on a higher level just as they do. As Wise believes they are connected to a higher power, he hopes that people will take whatever they can from the album in order to express themselves.

Available on all major platforms, fans are invited to download and stream “From the 3” now! Make sure to connect with the pair on their social media sites below, and stay tuned for the upcoming releases of “That 3” and “Beam Me Up”.