Queen Ifrica is one of the most influential reggae singers from Montego Bay, Jamaica. She’s been active since 1995 and has led major stage performances around the world since. Highly known for her controversial reggae hit in the late 2000s, “Daddy” – that speaks on child molestation and incest; she has definitely made a political name for herself.

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TheSource got a chance to meet up with this amazing artist before her grand performance at RedStripe’s 2017 Reggae SumFest. She elaborates more about her music, tours, and upcoming projects. Check out the full interview below!


Shot by Alexis Nadira

TheSource.com: What Have You Been Up To This Summer With Your Music Overall?

Queen Ifrica: “This summer I’ve been promoting my brand new album, “Climb” so I’ve been 2 weeks out in America-from New York to Chicago, DC. And then I went to Europe and did a couple of shows and festivals. And then I’m here to do Reggae Sumfest, and then I’m off again to do more promotions”

Q: What Should Fans Expect From You At Sumfest?

A: “A little hashtag reality. I’m very concerned about the crime happening in my country right now. It wouldn’t be fair for me to just go and sing and not lend my voice. But I’ll still keep it fun and I’ll be doing things people won’t be expecting from me.”

Q: What Else Should Fans Expect Next From You?

A: “Well I’m actually in the process of working on my next album now. It’s about shows, traveling, and promotions and all…ambassador work. I’m just always in the community doing community stuff. I’m sorta the social worker of music.”

Q: How Do You Feel About The Prominent Influence Of Jamaican And Caribbean Music On American Music Today?

A: “It’s a bitter sweet thing. If you come back to Jamaica, you’d look for the Jamaican acts who influenced these new artists to want to be apart of it. To be more united, to be more creative, to be more in the space as well on an international scene. I’d love to see more unity. I loves when Jay-Z puts out a new album and fly back to Jamaica and have Sista Nancy on his project.”

Photos by Skkan Media Entertainment