PartyNextDoor, like most of his associates in the OVO camp, is pretty well-versed in keeping a low profile.

For the most part, the Canadian-born singer and songwriter does his work from behind the scenes, staying out of public controversy give or take a Snapchat rant or two.

Most recently, however, he’s been the subject of public scrutiny after tweeting out an observation that didn’t come off too well for some on the internet.

In a now-deleted post, the “Wild Thoughts” composer wrote, “The Jews…sorry the jewelers are selling dawg chains. lol it’s actually funny what black people do when they have financial freedom.”

Realizing his mistake, the tweet was taken down, with PND explaining the he just loves “to troll.”

While perceived as being anti-Semitic by those who called out Party on it, others provided insight on what he was trying to convey.

“He’s insinuating that Jewelers are mostly of Jewish heritage (stereotypically, Jewish people are linked to various money making venues,” one Reddit user explained. “And that they are exploiting black rappers in making them unnecessarily expensive chains, something that he feels black rappers do quite often when they come into financial success.”