Live from Neptune City is the Rap/Producer crew, The SWRV (Still Will Remain Victorious). The group consists of Sean P. SWRV & Royale SWRV with writer/designer, Nick Ford, who handles the creative direction and visual presentations. Dropping their first EP, Kush Champ, in 2014 they have built a solid buzz in Va. Beach for their creativity, sound, and unique visuals. The follow up Album, Breaking Bud, was released last summer on Tidal, Spotify, & itunes with singles Dip, The Drop, and Ron Mexico all gaining significant looks. The crew encourages everyone to look forward to more heat real soon. Check out full video and interview below!

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Q: What inspires your music?


Anything from the 50’s to 2000’s we try to incorporate now. You know we don’t sound like nobody but you can tell the influence. I’d say our sound is like the south, west-coast, up-top, and everywhere in my opinion. Basically a combination of everything.”

Q: What have you been up to with your music?

I already released my album last summer so I have a bunch of re-dos, remixes featuring other VA artists. I just really been working with VA artists and redid the album adding their style and sound.”


Q: What artists would you say inspires you at this moment?

Um I’d say Future. I was inspired by him even though I’ve always had my own sound. But yeah I’d say future, a lot of Atlanta artist and my producer.”