Vic Mensa is one rapper among many others who isn’t afraid to let anyone know exactly how he feels, pun intended. He’s just released his new album The Autobiography and TMZ who recently caught up with the Chicago rapper asked about two pretty big names in the media, especially right now. When asked about how he felt about Justin Beiber cancelling the remainder of his tour dates, in which Mensa was set to open for, he paused for a second before he answered truthfully. “[He’s] been on tour for two-and-a-half years straight, touring the same album. That can be exhausting,” Mensa said sympathizing with the pop star. “I’ve cancelled s*** before so I got to understand where he’s coming from.”

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When asked about R.Kelly, Mensa wasted no time firing back a response. Mensa referred to Kelly as a “scumbag,” and a “very dirty man.” Before the end of the clip, Mensa added that Kelly should “be locked away forever.” Watch the full video of Mensa’s quick Q&A above.