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The Charlotte Hornets will be the only team in the NBA with Jumpman logos instead of the swoosh. They are owned by the legend and G.O.A.T, Micheal Jordan himself so it’s only right that they get exclusive Jordan jerseys. MJ who is coming fresh off his comeback statement to Lavar Ball, “He couldn’t beat me if I had one leg.” Has given the Charlotte Hornets possibly the coolest jerseys in the NBA. A few different changes come along with the switch as the jerseys will come with modified hemlines, thinner stripes and a different color base of purple.

Last year’s uniforms included a secondary logo and featured a crown CH logo on the teal shorts that were reversible with “Charlotte” on the chest and shorts. The names of each jersey has been changed to “association edition” which was known as the home jersey and the “icon edition” was once known as the away jersey. Are we fans of the new Charlotte Hornets Jerseys?

These are respectively, much more eye-catching than last year’s jersey and will feature two more jerseys that Nike has yet to reveal. These will forsure be immediate eye-catchers. It has been reported that the Charlotte Hornets will have a total of four jerseys in their daily rotation for the upcoming NBA season. Check out images of the jerseys in the gallery below.