The Money Team just keeps getting bigger and we know that’s why Mr. Mayweather is cashing in. Being the highest paid athlete in the business, he is all about his business. He is expecting to make a healthy $300 million on August 26th when he matches up against Conor McGregor. When speaking about the fight on a All Access: Mayweather v. McGregor preview he spilled the beans on how much he will be expecting this month. So if you do the math, that is strictly $8 million per minute and he will make about $200 million more than what McGregor will make. This will come in as the highest paycheck of his career thus far.

I mean, am I the highest-paid athlete out there? And just coming back? We not talking about no contract. We not talking about no contract for no 4 years, or no contract for no 5 years. I can do it in 36 minutes. $300 (million) or better. In 36 minutes.

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Wondering if this fight will gross as much as Pacquiao-Mayweather did two years ago? The fight on August 26th is projected to make less than the self proclaimed “Fight Of The Century” but we still have time to project. Sources say, that $17 million is left on the table before the fight could gross as much as Manny and Floyd’s super fight.

August 26th you can catch the fight on Showtime PPV at 9pm. The fight will take place in Las Vegas at T-Mobile arena.